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Elite Mentorship Forum

EMF is a fully immersive online experience for highly conscious individuals who are ready to break the cycle of chasing success 
and proactively create a life of true fulfilment.

This transformational 6 month journey will take you from stress and overwhelm to a natural state of flow
and alignment in all areas of your life.

Inner Circle 3 starts in July 2024

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Yes, we get the story...

You get to this point when life pushes you to make a raw inventory of where you are at, how you got here, where you are heading and the inconvenient truth comes to the light... 

You've worked hard, ticked off great goals, and created a life that many would consider successful. No matter how much you do, you are still chasing "the missing piece" where you'll finally feel fulfilled, joyful, and ALIVE.

So much of your energy goes into meeting other people's expectations—conforming to the standards of success. You’ve been playing roles that don’t fully align with who you are or what you truly desire.

Deep inside you yearn for more authentic connections, genuine care, and a sense of belonging. You want to be seen, understood, and celebrated for who you are, and to support and be supported by others who are on a similar frequency.

There are moments when you catch glimpses of your truest self, but they often get overshadowed by the demands and expectations of everyday life. You want to trust your inner voice and bring into your life what truly resonates with you.

You desire to look at your life as a reflection of your true values and passions. To live each day with the knowledge that you are exactly where you’re meant to be, not postponing your daydreams for a wishful ‘someday.’​

We've been there too...

Most people tend to stick with what they know instead of what they truly desire. This so-called "comfort zone" may seem cosy, but in reality, it's anything but comfortable. While it might feel familiar, you know within that it has been pushing you away from the joy and fulfilment you are craving for.

Being brutally honest, which of these statements feel like you?

Even though I am doing well and have achieved many goals, I feel exhausted & a little empty.​

I want to turn off the voice in my mind that keeps telling me that I am not enough, no matter how much I do.

There is never enough time and regardless of how much I do it never feels enough.

I procrastinate, even in the things that I care about and keep feeding my inner critic.

I get easily frustrated when other people in my life are not meeting my expectations.

I want to control what is going on and, I feel if I don't, things just don't happen.

I feel stuck in a job or business I no longer enjoy but I need to pay my bills.

I am struggling in my relationships, they feel like a constant battle.

If you are tired of chasing a feeling, a reward, success, recognition; be excited!

Embrace the discomfort you are feeling.

It is a sign that you are ready to evolve, embrace who you truly are and start living the life you've always wanted.

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Imagine living with more


Flowing through the river of life instead of fighting the current


Having a joyful reason to jump out of bed
every morning


Feeling a deep sense of satisfaction for who you are and what you bring to the world

The Elite Mentorship Forum

The Elite Mentorship Forum is more than just a mentorship program; it's a transformational experience that will upgrade your life in ways you never thought possible.

A six-month reinvention to your mind, body and soul, EMF has been designed to break through every single self-limiting belief that holds you back from creating what you know deep within that you are capable of, reducing a lot of your current stress and living more in flow with who you are and with life in general.

This refreshing, life-changing program offers the opportunity to create lasting transformation to unlock your immense potential, resulting in a deeply fulfilling, balanced and self-empowered life.

It combines the latest tools and techniques in human behaviour, psychology, science, spirituality and much more. 

The program is structured in a way that creates a sense of momentum and progress, and the community of high conscious individuals provides a powerful source of motivation and inspiration.

There is no way back to the same old you as EMF creates new neural pathways within the brain, which means that the transformation that occurs during the program is real and long-lasting.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is an insightful experience that will take you through a deep inventory of every aspect of your life, it will help you understand the beliefs and patterns that have brought you where you are and give you powerful tools to create a life you love and are excited about. Whether you are seeking financial abundance, inner peace, unconditional love, radiant health, authentic relationships or emotional mastery, EMF will be the framework to continuously create a more evolved YOU.

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WARNING: EMF is not a program that might change your life. EMF will change your life.

As your Elite Mentorship Trainers, we are here to guide you through this transformative journey that profoundly impacted our own lives.

We feel deeply honoured that you are here, and we know it is not a coincidence. We celebrate you for listening...

We are amongst the select few trainers in the world certified to bring you The Elite Mentorship Forum experience and we can't wait to see your life unfold in magical ways.

Mariana Suarez 

Mariana was part of EMF10 and, after the profound shifts she saw in her life, decided to become an Elite Mentorship Trainer. For over 15 years in personal and spiritual growth, she has supported hundreds of students to move more freely, pause more often and evolve more deeply through her weekly yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Her biggest passion is to see more people living with more ease, joy and meaning.

She is a loving mum to two teenage daughters, loves new adventures, walking out in nature, engaging conversations, and chai lattes.

​Tash Cook

Tash was part of EMF20 and her own growth became her mission. For the last few years she has dedicated her life to helping individuals achieve personal growth and realise their highest potential. Her commitment to personal evolution and her fun and caring approach make her a cherished mentor.

She is a beautiful single mum to a young adult daughter, she loves her horses and is deeply committed to her own personal evolution, always seeking new ways to inspire and support those around her.

When you Raise your Consciousness...

you co-create a life filled with purpose and aliveness

no more pleasing others, you finally do YOU

you act from deep trust to your inner wisdom

you make yourself available to life

you live your legacy every day

you feel good now, not when or if

your presence makes the world a greater place

Raising our consciousness is not only about ourselves, it is about the contribution this new self is going to make to our world at large

The EMF Success Formula

Powerful Content

13 Modules in 3 Phases

  • Three strategically designed phases
  • Paced learning delivered by Peter Sage

Active Learning

Backup-up Tools for Embedded Learning

  • Download learning applications
  • Workbook with practical exercises


Weekly 1:1 Buddy Calls

  • Personal support from your like-minded Buddy
  • Ensure you stay on track

Growing & Sharing

Weekly Live Q&A | Community Calls

  • 100% support, sharing and caring
  • Completely non-judgmental support group

EMF Syllabus

Phase 1
Foundation and Reinvention


Module O: Setting yourself up to win
​How to get the best out of the program
In this launch module Peter welcomes you to the programme and explains how to set yourself up to win. He explains the program and how we go deeper by using his famous 4-question framework: Why? What? How? And What if?

3 weeks

Module 1: Ruling Reality
How the world actually works
Module 1 explains the proven principles for how reality (as we know it) is created and the true science behind it.

2 weeks

Module 2: Learning Genius
Mastering the journey to mastery
Develop a system that will guide you to elevated levels of learning and behaviour, creating a faster pathway to excellence in everything you do.

2 weeks

Module 3: Wealth & Abundance
Creating powerful prosperity
Eradicate all limiting beliefs around money, and use these powerful principles and exercises to immediately start creating more abundance in your life.

2 weeks

Module 4: Mastering Emotions
​The key to living life on your terms
Mastery of emotional response is the key separator between those who live their life at ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’. This module teaches specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and the re-patterning of previous negative emotional triggers, so they can never sabotage you again.

2 weeks

Module 5: Mastering Relationships
​The four pathways to greatness
Most of our dysfunctional traits can be traced back to the Four Primary Relationships in Life. Learn how to have healthy, functional relationships in all four areas, with incredible insights never taught in formal education.

Phase 2
Purpose & Direction

2 weeks

Module 6: Powerful Concentration
​Develop a laser like focus
Learning to concentrate is the primary skill that underpins the most successful people in history, and allows us to focus on and achieve the impossible. Being able to bring your entire focus to one thing for an extended period of time separates those who lead versus those who follow. Master this one area and everything else shifts – massively!

2 weeks

Module 7: Authenticity
Discovering the real YOU
Authenticity is often found to be the biggest secret to living, as revealed to people at the end of their life. Learning how to live authentically is the fabric from which the cloth of Through-Me is woven. People, paths and opportunities present themselves effortlessly when one lives from a place that is authentic.

2 weeks

Module 8: Goals Reinvented
A new future is always available​
How goal setting is taught in most areas of traditional personal development guarantees frustration and wasted energy. Goals Reinvented is the most powerful set of insights and principles on goal setting ever assembled, and will change everything you thought you knew about achieving exactly what you want.

2 weeks

Module 9: Becoming Majestic
​Solving the multiple personality puzzle
Do you ever feel like there is more than one person living inside your head? Are there parts of you that you try to ignore? What if you could see and understand them energetically and have them work together rather than compete for who is running the show? This module peels back the layers to dig deep and align every part of you.

Phase 3
Your Relationship with life

2 weeks

Module 10: Mirror, Mirror
​Dissecting your psychology
The road map that guides human beings to a life of joy or a life of stress, via their own personal psychology, is often shrouded in confusion and outdated models. Module 10 provides the understanding, once and for all, as to why you do what you do, both at a conscious and unconscious level and explains why, despite their best intentions, so many people are programmed for failure.

2 weeks

Module 11: New You
Rebuilding your Psychology
Once you have understood the building blocks of your mind, and how they are wired together, it is time to rebuild. Designing your own mind from the ground up is one of the most permanently empowering feats you could ever accomplish.

2 weeks

Module 12: Soul Path
Exploring advanced levels of consciousness​
Understanding is limited not to intelligence but to our level of consciousness. In Soul Path, Peter moves beyond his ‘4-Levels’ model into a deeper, advanced look at your consciousness as he guides you through the nuances spanning 16 different levels. Once you understand this module be prepared to be empowered in ways you could never have previously imagined.

2 weeks

Module 13: Your Legacy 
​Living the life you were born to live!
Power flows to those who are living their mission. Getting in touch with your ‘True North’ and aligning your life to something bigger than ‘You’ is the cornerstone to a life of passion, purpose and true fulfilment.

EMF is available to everyone but is not for everyone

EMF is for you if:

  • You know in your core that you are more than your job title, your achievements, the things you own, or the roles you play in life.

  • You are willing to dive deep and embrace discomfort while doing the inner work, knowing that it will lead to a life filled with vibrancy, purpose, and aliveness.

  • You desire to move through life with more ease, joy, fulfilment, curiosity, and authenticity.

  • You are ready to break free from external expectations and finally live a life that aligns with your true self.

  • You yearn for an inner circle of highly conscious individuals who are committed to their own growth and eager to contribute to your evolution, the community, and the world.

  • You are tired of shallow conversations and crave deep, meaningful connections.

  • You are ready to take full responsibility for your life and how you experience it, stepping into your power with confidence and clarity.
Start Your Journey

EMF is not for you if:

  • You are looking for shortcuts, easy solutions and magic pills.

  • You are "comfortable" staying where you are and have no intention to make internal shifts.

  • You avoid the uncertainty required to break the emotional patterns and beliefs which have been controlling your life.

  • You are OK letting self-sabotage and procrastination be your way of living.
  • ​You believe breaking negative beliefs and habits that do not serve you is impossible.

  • You want to continue blaming others or life about your circumstances.

  • You ignore the inner voice which brought you to this point of consideration.

  • ​If you entertain the idea that you are not ‘worthy enough’ to invest in yourself.

EMF Stories

Peter Sage

Mentor and Course Creator

Peter Sage is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today. 

​A student first and teacher second, Peter has spent 30+ years studying human behaviour with top mentors (e.g. Tony Robbins, Dan Pena, Dr Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell).

Peter has an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level. His work identifies and helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behaviour, to create lasting change.

Peter's vision of Raising Global Consciousness is bigger than himself. After 8 years of teaching EMF to 22 groups (2,000+ people) and his deepest intention to reach more people with this transformational experience, inspired him to pass the baton to his selective team of certified trainers to deliver the EMF magic to as many people as possible.

Peter is a great mentor and teacher, an unstoppable entrepreneur, and, more importantly an amazing human being. 

This six months immersion to your soul includes:

 6 months proven transformational program, uncovering all areas of your life
 13 Core EMF Modules with insightful videos, workbook & profound exercises
 Weekly LIVE calls with Tash, Mariana and your EMF group for mentoring, debrief and integration.
 13 fortnightly LIVE Community Calls (one per module)
 13 fortnightly LIVE Q&A Calls (one per module)
 13 module workbook with profound self-reflection exercises for active learning
 Inspirational 11 part Straight Talk Course with worksheets
 High-conscious Community - your very own inner circle with new connections from all around the world
 Private & secure community in Circle (away from social media distractions and ads)
 Accountability Buddy to keep each other inspired and engaged
 Lifetime access to your EMF study material (and enhancements)
 Lifetime connection with the EMF alumni (high-conscious community with thousands of EMF graduates)
 High level of care & commitment, the best you've experienced.
 Surprise guests and amazing bonuses!

Your Journey Starts Here

This is how it works

Step 1: Discovery

Our simple and straightforward questionnaire helps us understand your goals and motivations for starting this journey. It also ensures that this Inner Circle is made up of individuals who are fully committed to the process.

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Step 2: Connection

After reviewing your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a one-on-one conversation. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and for us to ensure that this journey aligns with your aspirations and readiness.

Step 3: Activation

Once we mutually agree to embark on this journey together, we’ll celebrate your commitment! We’ll handle all the administrative details, grant you access to our online portal, and provide you with the next steps to fully immerse yourself in the EMF experience.

Our Commitment to You

We'll meet you exactly where you are, recognising your wholeness.
We believe there is nothing wrong or needing to be fixed.
With compassion and curiosity, we'll guide you to that deep part of yourself that is ready to emerge.

All we ask is that you say YES with every fibre of your being, step into this journey with trust and dedication,
and embrace this adventure with courage and devotion to yourself.

It's time to create the life you've always dreamed of, don't you think?

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Any questions?

These are the most frequently asked

Choose You!

Life is too precious to waste it with stress and overwhelm.
It's too short to keep it small and boring.

Stop waiting and live the life you were born to live

Elite Mentorship Forum with Mariana Suarez & Tash Cook

EMF is a fully immersive online experience designed for high conscious individuals who seek to break the cycle of chasing success and proactively create a life of true fulfilment. Through 26 comprehensive modules, live sessions, and community support, EMF helps our participants to move from stress and overwhelm to a natural state of flow and alignment in all areas of their lives.