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A 3-Day Immersive Online Gathering to Emerge from Uncomfortable Life Transitions with Renewed Clarity & Wisdom

Date: June 17th - 19th, 2024
Time: 6:30-7:30 am AEST

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Are you navigating a major life transition or feeling the weight of a midlife crisis?

Do you yearn for a fresh start but aren’t sure where to begin?

Join us for 3 Days of Growth and Expansion!

Metamorphosis is an Immersive Online Experience designed for you. if you are going through a significant (and uncomfortable) transition in life.

Whether you're facing a career shift, a deep loss, a relationship change, or one of those messy life crisis, this insightful 3-Day gathering will guide you through the process of transformation to navigate this (and any other change or challenge) more gracefully and emerge from it with renewed confidence, clarity and wisdom.

Your Metamorphosis begins here!

From our heart to yours

We are excited to embark on this expansive journey with you, sharing with you profound insights and experiences from our most challenging moments. In hindsight, these uncomfortable seasons of change have shaped us in ways we never imagined, bringing incredible evolution to our lives.

Most of the time our most painful moments become our purpose. They are here as gifts, nudging us to expand, embrace new possibilities, and evolve into a new, more enlightened version of ourselves.

We’re not here to give you a one-size-fits-all guide to life's challenges. Why? Because every journey is unique, and frankly, you already have the wisdom and inner strength to handle this and any future challenge in your life. We’re just here to help you rediscover it and tap into it.

In these three days we want to hold the space for you so that you can truly surrender to the process and give yourself permission to feel the pain and grief that comes with change. We know it is scary and that right now the way forward seems rocky and uncertain but you don't have to do it alone. We want to gently guide you to see your current situation from a higher perspective instead of what feels lost. 

Does this sound like what your heart needs? If so, join us and dive into the details of this powerful gathering we’ve lovingly crafted for you. Together, let’s make the journey of life light, insightful, and above all, empowering. You deserve it!

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Unlock Your Hidden Drivers

Explore the most intrinsic human needs shaping your life. Gain insights into how these unconscious forces influence your decisions and behaviours, empowering you to harness them for positive change.

Perspective is Key

Learn powerful techniques to shift your perspective, enabling you to face any life experience with greater grace and ease. Discover how to cultivate hope as a constant companion during times of change.

Embrace the Full Spectrum of Emotions

Open your heart to experience temporary pain, allowing you to embrace the full range of human emotions. This profound practice will enable you to truly enjoy and appreciate every aspect of your life.

Identify Unconscious Influences

Uncover the three key factors that shape your life and identity unconsciously. By bringing these influences to light, you can take control and steer your life more intentionally.

Cultivate Humility and Truth

Develop humility and truth as your guiding principles. These powerful allies will support you in your journey towards renewal and personal growth, helping you navigate life with authenticity and integrity.

Create an Exciting Vision for Your Future

Craft a compelling and inspiring vision for your life moving forward. This vision will serve as your roadmap, guiding you towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven future.

what's in the metamorphosis?

green and black caterpillar on brown stem in close up photography during daytime

Day 1
Trust the Journey

Gain clarity on your current transition and set powerful intentions for change. Understand the stages of transformation and prepare for your personal metamorphosis.

green and white butterfly undergone metamorphosis

Day 2
Embrace Change

Dive deep into introspection and growth. Engage in interactive workshops and exercises to shed old patterns and embrace new perspectives, much like a chrysalis transforming from within.

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Day 3
Emerge Renewed

Celebrate your transformation and step into your new self with confidence. Learn actionable strategies to continue your journey with resilience and purpose, ready to soar into the next chapter of your life. 

metamorphosis is for you if:

  • You’re Navigating Life Transitions: Whether you're facing a career change, a shift in relationships, or a personal crisis, this event will provide you with the tools and insights to navigate these transitions with confidence and ease.

  • You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed: If you’ve been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure about the next steps in your life, this event will help you gain clarity, perspective, and a renewed sense of direction.

  • You Seek Deeper Emotional Connection: If you desire to open your heart to experience the full spectrum of emotions and truly enjoy life, this event will guide you in embracing your feelings and building deeper emotional resilience.

  • You Want to Align with Your True Self: If you’re ready to reconnect with your authentic self and align your life with your core values, this event will support you in uncovering your true desires and creating an inspiring vision for your future.
  • You’re Committed to Personal Growth: If you are passionate about personal development and eager to continue your journey of growth and self-discovery, this event will provide you with powerful strategies and a supportive community to help you thrive.

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meet your metamorphosis guides

Tash Cook

Tash, a certified Elite Mentorship Trainer,  is dedicated to helping individuals achieve personal growth and realise their highest potential.Her commitment to personal development and her passion for guiding others on their transformational journeys make her a cherished mentor.

Tash, a single mother to a young adult daughter, brings a fun and caring approach to her work. She loves horses and is deeply committed to her own personal evolution, always seeking new ways to inspire and support those around her.

Mariana Suarez

Mariana, a Dru Yoga Teacher and Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer has twelve years of experience teaching Dru Yoga to people of all ages in her weekly classes, programs and retreats. Her journey took a transformative turn when she was invited to share yoga and mindfulness with inmates at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre. This experience ignited her passion for working with our youth. Originally from Mexico, she migrated to Australia with her husband Alex to start a new life, a family and their own businesses which have brought lots of successes and failures over the past two decades. She is a devoted mum to two teenage daughters, loves new adventures, walking out in nature, engaging conversations, and chai lattes.

Tash and Mariana are among the few handpicked trainers of Peter Sage's Elite Mentorship Forum, a transformational program that has empowered thousands of people worldwide to create their most fulfilling lives. By rewiring the subconscious and effecting change at a cellular level, this program facilitates profound personal transformation.

They bring their extensive expertise, personal experiences, and deep commitment to raising global consciousness to guide you through the Metamorphosis 3-Day Transformational Event. Their warm, welcoming, and professional approach ensures a supportive and empowering environment for deep change to occur.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your highest level of fulfillment.

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Join us for the Metamorphosis 3-Day Transformational Event and take the first step towards transforming Crisis into Empowerment and rewrite your story with renewed clarity and purpose.

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